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Company Profile

               Shenzhen HarvestTechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is aprofessional  security camera manufacturer.Headquartered in shenzhen, theforefront of reform  and opening up, it is a national high-tech enterprise.Afteryear it has now become a company with technologyresearch and develop s of leaping development, operation as its core competitiveness,with independent intellec ment and brand  tual property rights,A  large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of comprehensive security  products. The company has been committed to the construction of corporate culture and brand,  advocating the corporate spirit of "integrity, unity,effiffifficiency,and professionalism" ;  achieving talent leadership through culturalinnovation,focusing human-oriented management, and developingin a relaxed and effiffifficie  on talent training and  nt working atmosphere a group of professionals in technology, marketing, service, etc., and cultivated a management team thatkeeps promises and performs their duties, and unites and cooperates.In linewith the business philosophy of "  First",FNKVISIONtakes product R&D as the core, combining excell Quality First, Technology  ent R&D talents with management experience, which enables the companyto constantly innovatein technology and products. The company's products are currently widely used in banks, government,justice,  transportation, schools, supermarkets, residential quarters, hospitals,factories and other fifields of security.And will gradually increase the develop build a more complete sales and service system,provide high-qua -ment of new products,  lity products, and continue to provide users with high-satis-faction services to maximize user value. FNKvision company shoulders the great trust of the times and theexpectations of  friends from all walks of life, adheres to the tenet of "people pioneering, and credibility fifirst" to create abetter tomorrow wi -oriented, quality-oriented,  th friends from all  walks of life.


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